Tie Dye Blue & White Spoonie Pillow®



Soft as a cloud, the Spoonie Pillow gently cradles the head without crushing the arm.

Made with plush fabrics and a soft cushion, let the Spoonie Pillow do the heavy lifting while you float into a state of rest and relaxation.

The Spoonie makes everything more comfy...

💑 Couple cuddling
💤 Side sleeping
🤱 Baby breastfeeding
✈ Tranquil traveling
🛋 Comfy couching
🐶 Pet pampering
🌸 Leisure loving
👨🏽‍💻 Project pausing
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family focusing

⬤ The double Patented Spoonie Pillow® is a buttery soft, wearable arm pillow, enabling hours of comfort and relaxation for you and your loved ones.

⬤ Simply slide the Spoonie® over your hand, and up your arm, where it rests on your elbow and upper arm.

⬤ Made with love, our original plush Spoonies® have an ultra-soft surface wrapped around a squishy inner pillow.

⬤ We’re so confident you’ll fall in love, every pillow comes with our happiness guarantee ;)

✔️ Fun

✔️ Comfy

✔️ Versatile

The Spoonie Pillow just made dead-arm a thing of the past, FOREVER!


We made the Spoonie® to solve all your spooning problems (even when things get a little dirty)

Simply unzip and remove the pillow case for quick n easy washing!
We recommend COLD wash, gentle detergent, and NO HEAT while drying.  
Hand wash and air dry for best results.

Here's a couple tips for optimal Spoonie care:

  1. Do not use heat when washing or drying.
  2. Do not use fabric softener.
  3. Only use a detergent that does not contain any dyes, scents, or other additives.
  4. Wash on the cold-delicate cycle or hand wash in cold water.
  5. Hang dry or use a no-heat setting on the dryer.


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great for couples and solo!

I meant to write this review 2 years ago when I got my Spoonie, but I'm here now! I've used these pillows so much over the past 2 years. My partner and I tend to watch movies on a phone in bed, so using this is a no-brainer. I also enjoy using it for power naps and while crocheting. I love that I can wash the covers! I'm so glad I backed on Kickstarter!

Kevin B
Found another use!

I usually nap on flights by crossing my arms on the tray table and laying my head down on my arms, but now put my arms through this pillow and use it instead. It's great, it provides a layer of padding for my arms against the table and it's a lot more comfy for my head as well. I use it to sleep at my desk sometimes on my lunch break, too. I also got a second one to have at home for its intended use, and my girlfriend like it. :)

Barbara Brand

Tie Dye Blue & White Spoonie Pillow®


Loved the color and how soft it is. Shipped fast.

5 stars

Use it for cuddling & when my ticket decides he wants to be closer... Has saved my arm numerous occasions, got this color to distinguish from solid grey I have also.