The Spoonie™ Pillow!

The buttery soft - wearable - arm pillow.
Created for cuddling,
Perfect for everything


While wearing a Spoonie™, the plush padding wraps around your entire arm, reducing and nearly eliminating the pressure you’d feel without it !
hashtag no more dead arm 😉

The Spoonie™ Pillow

Cloud soft, brilliantly colored, and designed like a tube so you can use it to solve a multitude of problems.

Dead-arm from cuddling with your partner is no longer a problem.
Comfy support for your baby as you nurse it nuzzled in your arms.
A travel pillow that’s infinitely adaptable stows easily on your luggage handle.
Soft and squishy for the quick nap you’ve looked forward to all day.

Spoonie™ Pillow is the pillow that you can use over and over for a variety of purposes.
Traditional pillows aren’t portable and adaptable, while the Spoonie™ Pillow has hundreds of uses.

The Spoonie™ Pillow is the last pillow you’ll ever need!

What Our Spoonies Are Saying...

Definitely my preferred way to nap on the plane! It also fit perfect on the suitcase handle while traveling through the airport.

My Spoonie™ pillow has been awesome while I’ve been hospitalized. Great back support on the hospital bed and great cuddle friend when my boyfriend can’t be there.

Spoonie™ joins me all over the world. It's nice and small and I can stuff it in my backpack. I use it to sleep on the plane and hotels without having to sleep on random pillows.


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