While wearing a Spoonie®, the plush padding wraps around your entire arm, nearly eliminating the pressure you’d feel without it

The Original

Spoonie is the original, double patented, solution designed as a cuddle pillow, for side sleeping, as the best travel pillow, and a pillow for breast feeding!

Snuggle is Real

We made the Spoonie® to solve all your pillow problems.

⬤ Couple Cuddling
Dead-arm from spooning your sweetie is no longer an issue.

⬤ Baby Breastfeeding
Comfy support for your baby, as you feed her nuzzled in your arms.

⬤ Tranquil Traveling
It slides onto your luggage handle bars when not in use and quickly becomes your favorite in-flight napping accessory.

⬤ Side Sleeping
The cloud-soft, super plush pillow, for the quick nap you’ve looked forward to all day.

.. and so much more -
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Spoonie Pillow®

Trailblazing a brand new product category as the original wearable, tubular, arm pillow,
The Spoonie Pillow® is..

✔️ Portable
✔️ Comfortable
✔️ Versatile
✔️ Playful
✔️ Plush
✔️ Protective

The Spoonie Pillow® has dozens maybe even hundreds of unique uses, all being discovered for the first time by our customers every single day!
Help the growing Spoonie family pave the way for tired arms and sleepy heads everywhere!

...and hey If you don't love it, don't worry!

With our HAPPINESS GUARANTEE you're eligible for a full refund if you aren't happy with it in your first 30 days of owning it. Send it back and we got you covered :)

In a Single Jingle 🎵

You don't wanna miss this new Spoonie Pillow® infomercial jingle video :)

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What are the people saying?

Definitely my preferred way to nap on the plane! It also fit perfect on the suitcase handle while traveling through the airport.


I LOVE IT Me and my bf use it all the time. But I might have to get another one because I like to steal it and take it to my office :)

Melissa F

My Spoonie pillow has been awesome while I’ve been hospitalized. Great back support on the hospital bed and great cuddle friend when my boyfriend can’t be there.


Spoonie joins me all over the world. It's nice and small and I can stuff it in my backpack. I use it to sleep on the plane and hotels without having to sleep on random pillows.

Chris R

I've used this pillow for everything. The obvious, spooning / cuddling, but as a Physical Therapist it serves as the BEST lumbar pillow, under your laptop, and I even sit on it during my meditations to prop me up the perfect amount

Karen M


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