Mango Spoonie Pillow®



Let this soft simple solution, make life a little more comfy.

Introducing The Spoonie Pillow:
Created for cuddling, sleeping, nursing, and travel!

Turns out, it's actually way more useful than that though!

💑 Couple cuddling
💤 Side sleeping
🤱 Baby breastfeeding
✈ Tranquil traveling
🛋 Comfy couching
🐶 Pet pampering
🌸 Leisure loving
👨🏽‍💻 Project pausing
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family focusing

⬤ The 2x Patented Spoonie Pillow® is a buttery soft, wearable arm pillow, enabling hours of comfort and relaxation for you and your loved ones.

⬤ Simply slide the Spoonie® over your hand, and up your arm, where it rests on your elbow and upper arm.

⬤ Made with love, our original plush Spoonies® have an ultra-soft surface wrapped around a squishy inner pillow.

⬤ We’re so confident you’ll fall in love, every pillow comes with our happiness guarantee ;)

✔️ Fun

✔️ Comfy

✔️ Versatile

The Spoonie® is about to make dead arm a thing of the past, forever!


We made the Spoonie® to solve all your spooning problems (even when things get a little dirty)

Simply unzip and remove the pillow case for quick n easy washing!  We recommend COLD wash, gentle detergent, and NO HEAT while drying.  Hand wash and air dry for best results.

Here's a couple tips for optimal Spoonie® care:

  1. Do not use heat when washing or drying.
  2. Do not use fabric softener.
  3. Only use a detergent that does not contain any dyes, scents, or other additives.
  4. Wash on the cold-delicate cycle or hand wash in cold water.
  5. Hang dry or use a no-heat setting on the dryer.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

My friends loved their orange spoonies for travel!!


Super soft and work really well for traveling! Shipped fast.

Snoog Lamb
Good addition to home

My bride would still rather just nuzzle up on my chest but Spoonie is a great backup and addition to home!

Ummm…. Yes!

Is it a spoon? No.
Is it a knee? Nope.
Is it a pillow? Getting warmer…
Is it amazing? Um, YES!
Is it the best thing you never even knew that you needed? Yuppers!!

Wow. Wow. Wow. Where do I start?

So, I didn’t think I had any need for the Spoonie Pillow when I first saw the ad. The marketing was perfect, and the message and product was clear - but I simply didn’t think I had a need for it.

Do I spoon, or cuddle, or sleep on my stomach, or sleep on my side, or sleep on my back, or lay wonky on the couch or floor? Yes to all the above - but I thought I was doing all of that stuff just fine. Never once did I think to myself “Hmm, this would be totes better with a small tube of fluff around my arm.”

That is, until I finally decided to pull the trigger and see if this item I didn’t think I would need or use would could improve my enjoyment of all things relaxing-related.

So, I made an order for one. The lil’ Spoonie flew across the country and arrived in my mailbox in 3 days. We’re already off to a good start.

The packaging was just how it should be - no frills, practical, and included a few advertisement cards, an instructional card, and a groovy sticker - which I promptly placed on my PC tower like any proper nerd would.

I removed the freshly delivered Spoonie and just stared at it. Yep, just I just stared at the furry tube for a few minutes. It was so simple and straight forward that I practically convinced myself to be immediately let down because how could someone so simple be so great?

Well, for the next two days straight, I forced myself to keep it with me and experiment with it every single time I sat down, laid down, slept or otherwise became aloof.

I was hooked INSTANTLY. On my forearm, on my bicep, under my armpit, between my legs (yes), behind my back, under my back, under my neck, under my head, over my eyes, under my side…..IT MAKES EVERY POSITION BETTER. It’s also scary how accustomed and safe/cozy it makes you feel and you’ll soon discover that you will feel pillow-naked without it.

As I write this, my Spoonie is on my right arm because I usually stuff a pillow there when just relaxing. Why? Dunno. But I do, and this makes it better. That’s call a WIN.

If you need one, buy it. You’ll love it.
If you don’t need one, buy it. You’ll love it.
If you get one and you’re weird and don’t like it, give it to someone else, THEY will love it.
Tell your friends. Tell your pets.

Just Spoon it! I did :-).

P.S. I have the most giant hands kill ever see, and the Spoonie still fit my hands and arms just fine :-)

Donna Christiansen

We just got 2 spoonies and we love them so much.
My daughter sleeps with it and I can't wait to travel with mine :)

We recommend highly!
- Donna C.